How to Avoid Pregnancy the Tantric Way

Avoiding pregnancy is probably an important topic for each woman who starts to have a sex life. It’s good for a young woman to have someone to talk to about these topics for insights and references. What is recommended from a tantric perspective?

I started my sex life rather young and as I didn’t have anyone to talk to about these matters I ended up learning the hard way: I caught a sexually transmitted disease and had two abortions with a year between them. Having experienced this I realize how important it is to give this topic much needed attention. Hence I turn to remind every mother to get over their false-shame about sexuality and that they would talk to their children on these matters on time instead of when something has already happened.

Options and effects

Birth control pills are regarded as the easiest option for avoiding pregnancy. Other options include condoms, spirals, hormonal injections, etc. It seems as if there is a range of options and everyone just needs to find one that suits them best. But are all of these widely available options safe for prolonged use? The tantric world has its own opinions about it and next we will take a look at the choices available for a woman who wants to avoid pregnancy while staying healthy and free in their body.

When I get asked at women’s tantric courses what is the best contraceptive, I always answer: a tantric man. Why a tantric man? Because a tantric man knows how to control and hold back his ejaculation and all intercourses end without it. Truly, what could be a better contraceptive? The woman on her side is free of obligations to consume hormonal preparations and the man clearly takes responsibility, while otherwise it seems as if the woman should take care of safety. Personally I haven’t used any contraceptives for over ten years and I haven’t gotten pregnant. I’m highly satisfied with this as my body is healthy and balanced.

I haven’t always had a tantric partner though. Having learned my lessons in my youth, I too decided to take birth control pills. I took them for seven years straight. When I stopped taking them, I began to see what my body was going through. I gained weight, especially some fat on my stomach that does not disappear even now when I weigh 49kg. My skin went especially bad and my back was full of acne. I struggled with these after-effects for two years until finally my body was starting to get its balance back. Today I’m free of these worries, but I know how important it is to consider what we actually put in our body and what effects it might have.

After I stopped taking birth control pills and saw their effect on my body and decided to henceforth use only interrupted intercourse. It is one of the simplest and healthiest birth control methods in my opinion. There are a few dangers here though. This method needs to be supervised so that the man actually can stop intercourse at the right time in a way that not a drop of sperm enters the woman. I definitely won’t recommend this method to be used while being intoxicated. It is also important for the man to be checked by a doctor so that his prostate is completely healthy. In case of a bad prostate it is possible for some sperm to leak into the man’s natural lubricant which comes out of the penis when aroused and during sex. In which case, the safety of the interrupted intercourse method gets compromised. While the prostate is healthy though, the lubricant never contains sperm. This method is of course best used with a steady partner. In case of chance encounters the risk is too high as you don’t know each other well enough. Also if the man ejaculates even a little, You can not continue with the intercourse without first cleansing the lingam of the sperm outside and inside.

Natural condom

For less reliable relations a condom is surely the best contraceptive for both unwanted pregnancy and diseases. Though even in the case of condoms, one should know that their reliability rate is not 100 percent, but rather 97 percent. There are many known cases where pregnancy has occurred even while using a condom or that a disease has been caught. Especially considering that some sexually transmitted diseases spread via pubic hair. I would definitely recommend using organic condoms that are made of natural oils and gum. These are much healthier than what is provided by big manufacturers. The quality of natural condoms compared to regular ones is really high.

Using a condom is not personally my first choice though. In my youth I already felt that a condom takes something important out of the sexual experience. Now when I know a lot more about human sexuality I also know why. The condom blocks a significant part of the natural energy exchange that goes on between people during sex. We exchange bodily fluids while in intercourse. The women give men what their body needs to feel more harmonious and vice versa. It is necessary for a couple as it harmonizes the relationship by creating more balance and a stronger connection between the partners. When using a condom in a long-standing relationship it seems to work as a sign that the partner is not completely accepted. The more bodily fluids a man and a woman exchange the stronger their connection.

Avoid artificial

Many women use spirals as contraceptives these days – either hormonal or regular. Hormonal spirals are especially bad for the body as they influence the woman’s natural hormonal balance. In case of a lot of women their bodies can’t stand spirals and they just push them out. Copper spirals will start to secrete poisons when they get in touch with bodily fluids and can lead to several health problems. At the same time the copper spiral works as an antenna in the body and pulls all kinds of electro-magnetic frequencies (cellular network frequencies for example) to the uterus which is highly receptive. People who can see and feel energies can say from afar when a woman has a spiral in their body, because their body’s frontal energy channels are disturbed.

Hormonal preparations like pills or a spiral can highly influence a woman’s sexual desires either lessening or heightening them. They can influence a woman’s sense of smell as well. Why should this be considered important? I know if a partner is suitable for me or not when I can sense how his body smells. It is known as one of the most important indicators of biological compatibility when choosing partners. If a woman’s sense of smell is disturbed, she is likely to make a bad ​decision about a partner. There are many known cases about women who have been using hormonal contraceptives when meeting a partner and who have stopped using them after marriage. They start planning for a family, but then the woman feels that he is not a suitable partner at all.
​​My suggestion is to keep your body free of any kinds of artificial substances. Keep yourself considerate and free of fear as well. Fear attracts all kinds of unwanted. Care for your body, women, and talk to your partners to find the best option for yourself – taking foremost care so that your health doesn’t need to suffer.


Jaya Shivani

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