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In this blog I would like to address the topic of ejaculation more in depth. This is a topic that brings a lot of confusion to most men. And no wonder, because their whole life they have been having sex for ejaculation.

Men are absolutley and totally in love with their ejaculation. As a matter a fact, they are addicted to it. If a man can't ejaculate for a few days he becomes grumpy and moody. Doctors all over the world are saying that ejaculation is a must for every man, as often as they can, to keep themselves healthy. Is it truly so?

If we dive into ancient teachings of Taoism and Tantra (there are also other), we find that it is not the ejaculation that every man needs, but it is the orgasm, that is needed daily or as often as possible. But orgasm and ejaculation are not one and the same thing.  And that ejaculation is not needed during the intercourse in order to reach orgasm. Actually it will take You away from the long lasting, deep full body orgasm, that can last for a long time. It is like a trap door, that keeps You away from reaching powerful, long-lasting pleasure.

Ejaculation in nature is for conceiving offsprings, for people and for animals. Animals do ejaculate during intercourse, but they also do not have sex for pleasure and do not have the conciousness to use sexual energy, which is also our life-force energy, for other purposes.

With ejaculation man loses sperm and sexual energy. As said before sexual energy is our life force energy. Every time a man ejaculates, he loses big amounts of valuable energy, that can not be regained. If You are a man, just think how You feel after an ejaculation? Do you want to go and take over the world or You want to just fall asleep or empty the fridge?

The Taoist traditions says that to make one amount of sperm, it takes 100 drops of blood. It is easier to explain it like this: a man's body is raw material for producing sperm. Each organ of Your body gives a little away every time sperm is produced. It takes 72 days to produce 1 amount of sperm and another 14 days for releasing it from the body. For the body it is like putting miles on the car. One point there are too many miles and the trip is over.

Same way there is also a loss on the energetical level. Precious life force energy is wasted every time there is orgasm with ejaculation. Remember, orgasm and ejaculation are not one and the same thing. Those functions come from two different parts of the brain. Ejaculation is just a spasm in the lower area of Your spine. It has been put up to a pedestal and made something great.  

When looking at the topic of ejaculation, it is a big menace of this world in many ways. The biggest difference between an man and a woman in bed is that men ejaculate too fast and because of that women either do not experience orgasms at all, or do not experience deep, long-lasting internal orgasms. Female orgasms are short and superficial if the just have an external orgasm. In order for a woman to experience internal orgasms, they need a longer intercouse, starting from half an our and more, depending on a woman. An average man ejaculates between 4-8 minutes and most men can not get it up again in 5 minutes. Men need a break and depending on their age the break can be up to a week or more, before they want to make love again. It is of course very different in Your 20ies or Your 50ies.

Many men feel depleted after and ejaculation and some feel depressed and at times even suicidial. Ejaculating all the time will not give energy a chance to start circulating in the body and there is not enough energy often to experience full body orgasms. Yes, men can also expereince full body orgasms for longer periods of time. And this is not a miracle, everyone is capable of that.

Right now orgasm for men is a 3 second feeling of release in the area of the genitals. After which he wants to rest and often pulls away from the woman. Women want to feel connected after lovemaking, kiss, hug and caress. And very often women want to make love much longer.

"After ejaculation a man is tired, his ears are buzzing, his eyes heavy and he longs for sleep. He is thirsty and his limbs inert and stiff. In ejaculation he experiences a brief second of sensation but long hours of weariness as a result. And that is certainly not a true pleasure. On the other hand, if a man reduces and regulates his ejaculation to an absolute minimum, his body will be strengthened, his mind at ease and his vision and hearing improved. Although the man seems to have denied himself an ejaculatory sensation at times, his love for his woman will greatly increase. It is as if he could never have enough of her. And this is the true lasting pleasure, is it not?" (The Tao of Love and Sex by Jolan Chang).

Ancient teachings say that if a man ejaculates every time he makes love to a woman and loses his precious life force energy, he will develop unconcious defiance towards women, because every time they make love, he loses something valuable to his being.

Through controlling the ejaculation men can last longer in bed. Sex is not just emotional and physical discharge, but an amazing way to spend time with Your lover in a way that brings great pleasure to You both. Through that pleasure You are both happier, healthier and have more strenght physically. Sex can be a great hobby, that doesn't destroy Your health and gives only positive results. Our life force energy stays inside the body and heals us at the cell level. Even if the man ejaculates after an 3 hour intercourse, he loses much less energy that when he ejaculates after having sex for 10 minutes. The changes that come along with stopping the ejaculation are very powerful.

Many of us know that we have an energy body, called Pranamayakosha. The energy body governs the physical body. If the phyiscal body is weak and sick, it means Your energy body is weak. The only three things that destroy You energy body are cold bite, burn and losing Your sexual (life force) energy. It is essential for our wellbeing and our longevity to preserve that energy and keep Your energy body strong. A Tantric man who holds is energy is youthful, lively, healthy and has a special spark in his eyes. And what that man can do for his woman is miraculous. It changes the quality of their relationship in many ways.

When having conversations with my clients about ejaculation, they always bring up the western medicine approach and the doctors who say that it is a must to ejaculate as often as You can. Ofcourse, a man who is not ejaculating is no good for the system of conventional medicine, because he will be healthy and has no use for drugs or doctors. The more a man ejaculates, the more weaker and sicker he is by a certain age. Of course it doesn't apply 100% for everyone, but it does for majority. Also not having sex is bad for Your health too, if You repress Your sexual energy.

Why is it that men start to have problems with their erection and sex drive around age 45 and doctors just say that this is normal and prescribe them Viagra or Cialis. When man loses his erection or sex drive, then his body is signaling him that his life force energy is low and he has no more energy to lose. By taking pills he will have even more health problems and that means more money for the doctors. Pills make it much worse. Taking Viagara is like whipping a dying horse, one point he will drop dead. Many Viagra takes will have heart failure. When man stops ejaculating he will get back his erection and his sex drive, remaining energy will start to circulate in the body and the body understands that it is safe to have sex again, because there is no loss of energy.

Unfortunatley most men are addcited to ejaculation since a very young age. By the rules of society it is set that men can not show their emotions in the public or cry on the shoulder of their friends, when feeling bad. Men have feelings too just like women, they have an emotional body, they experience stress. But the most common way to discharge the emotional body is with ejaculation. There are other ways too like sports, spiritual practices, danicng, sound etc. But ejaculation is something they get used to in a very young age and it becomes a part of them very quickly. Every time he feels bad, after ejaculation he feels a little better, until next time.

Just holding Your ejacualtion will not do. During the intercourse energy builds up in our second chakra (energy center), which is also our emotional center. If a man doesn't move that energy from the second chakra during or after ejaculation, it will not end very well for him. He can become very unbalanced in the emotional level. Using the knowledge from Tantra just to become a better lover and not move energy will not be good. Then You are better off to ejaculate from time to time if You want to go this way. And Your body needs to learn to transmute the sperm back into energy and for that You should be moderatley healthy. If You want to drink, smoke and eat crap, then please do not stop ejaculating.

When man stops ejacualting, sperm stays inside his body. Same thing happens if a man has vasectomy, for not having kids anymore. The lymph system in a man's body in the pelvic area is not activated usually. When he stops ejaculating and his body is healthy, the lymph system will start to open up and takes the sperm back in the body. The body will also start producing less sperm. When the sperm stays in the body and is so to say "recycled", this process is called biological transmutation. If You are more interested in finding out about this process, then Louis Kervran has written a book about it in the 1940ies and explains that there is reaction going on in our body that is similar to nuclear reaction. Energy can be turned into matter and matter can be turned into energy.

If You want to find out more about it, read the book.  

Men who have problems with their prostate should not ejaculate, although the doctors say the opposite. Prostate, testicles etc problems are often times related with the lack of masculin energy. Ejaculation also depletes man from his masculinity. When they stop ejaculating or bring it to an absolute minimum, the man will become more masculine and his problems can be healed.

It has been mentioned in concpiracy theory movies that through promoting ejaculation, men are weakend in todays world. Napoleon Hill also wrote in his book " Think and Grow Rich" an entire chapter about the link between material wealth and sexual energy. In most editions this chapter has been left out of the books. It is up in the internet if You wish to read it. The sicker and poorer we are, the easier it is to control us.

Taoism, an ancient Chinese tradition also addresses the topic of male ejaculation in depth. In those teachings they have described how many times a man can ejaculate in a certain age, younger men can do it more often and when growing older You can do it less and less and one point stopping it completely. They also create a link between ejacualting during different seasons, for example if a man ejaculates in the winter time, he will lose much more energy that doing it in summer etc. Taoist masters have said that it is good for a man to ejaculate once every 100 times. So if You have sex every day, You ejaculate 3 times per year. In Taoism they wanted men to be healthy and strong and live a long life.

Everyone has a chance to choose their own path of course. If You want to try this, take a 30 day challenge of not ejaculating and see how You feel after that. This period will not make You a good Tantric, it will take a longer time, but it will give You some idea. Since each person is different then it can take 3 weeks to come good at this and it can take a few years. It all depends on how much effort You put in and how much strong is Your mind. It needs dicipline and willpower.

When changing Your sexuality, You will change Your life. Don't take my word for it, just try it.....


Jaya Shivani

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