The Importance of Sexuality

Sexuality is one of the greatest gift's that human's have. 

For many people sex is just one of the annoying habits of our body, like going to the toilet. Let's just get it over with as quickly as possible, preferably in the dark. Once a month or even less should do it, right? Someone just recently commented on one of our articles, that why are they talking about Tantric sexuality, they should keep it in their bedroom.......I guess many people are thinking the same way. Sexuality is a big taboo in most cultures around the world and well behaved people do not talk about sex in public.

Actually sexuality and sex is are very important part of our lives and influence strongly all areas of our life, wether it is our relationships health or our professional life. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies in the world, it is the energy of creation. There would be no life without sex. I read an article recently  where the writer was talking about sexuality and children and wrote that if we teach our children that sex is bad, we also teach them that they are bad, because they come from sex. In Chinese culture it was said that children should watch parents making love, in order to understand that sexuality is something beautiful.

Sex is a beautiful, divine act between two people, where they are being united and creating powerful energy together, it is not something to be ashamed of. In ancient cultures the attitude towards sex was very different and sex was looked upon as something glorious and divine. In India women would walk around with their breasts naked and today they can't even show their ankles in public. It all changed when the puritanic countries invaded India and gave them for inheritance their perverse attitude towards sexuality. I can't say these countries have the same attitude towards sex today, but unfortunatly it has stayed in India, causing a lot of problems in the whole country.

Same problem is with STD's (sexually transmitted disease) in India and in few other countries. Before the invasions the worst STD that was around  India was gonorrhoea. After the invasions syphilis and other diseases started spreading around the country. This shows a very clear connection between negative attitude towards sex and STD's. Same thing happened in French Polynesia. Before this country was invaded by the French, men and women very acting very openly towards sexuality. When they would meet on the beach, they would ask: "would You like to play", which meant "would You like to have sex with me?". No sexual diseases were around at that time. After the French came, sexual diseases started spreading around and attitude towards sex changed drastically.

It is a shame to admit, that people have no idea what sexuality truly hides in itself. I know that I have scratched only the surface of this amazing power that we have. Through sexuality You can not only create life, but You can mold and form Your own life. It is one of the best kept secrets in the world, but is been talked about more and more in the last decades. When holding Your sexual energy inside You can be healthy and full of energy and live for a very long time. You can also use sexual energy to create or manifest anything into Your life that You want.  Sexual energy is directly related to spirituality too, the more sex drive You have, the more gifted You are in spirituality. Through a powerful orgasm You can reach altered states of consciousness and experience things You never knew existed.

Our bodies and our mind are blocked. When our body starts to open up, then also our mind starts to open up. Our bodies are being blocked in many ways, but one of the biggest ones is of course nutrition. If we eat healthier, lighter and less, our body will start to feel different and soon we realise that the quality of our thoughts is starting to change, the way we experience life will start to change. Right nutrition is the key element along with other things, so that we can truly start experiencing what our bodies are capable of doing and feeling.

One of the main things that I am trying to help my clients see is that they can only understand a very small part of sexuality and can only feel a small percentage of what they could feel. Every man that has experienced a whole body orgasm from 10 minutes up to 2 hours, leave with an understanding that they have known nothing. One of my clients just recently said to me: " Thank You, now I know that something different is also out there".

People who have the right attitude about sex are happier, healthier, they look younger and their stress levels are much lower.  Often they are much happier in relationships. Truth is that no one makes money from happy and healthy people and because sex can make You happy and healthy without any negative side effects, they must tell You it is bad. Because when You are unhappy, You eat more, You buy more things to make You happy, if Your health is bad You go more to the doctor and also You by more medicine that will make You even more sick. And there is a lot of money made in that.

During lovemaking our body produces big quantities of different hormones (one of the most important one is oxytocin) that create states of happiness and is great for Your health and lowers Your stress level. Many severe diseases can be cured by using You sexual energy the right way. 4-8 minute lovemaking will not do the job. I am talking about long tantric lovemaking sessions and holding the energy inside. Many sever diseases are caused because of suppressed sexual energy, especially for women. Energetical whole body orgasms are so liberating in emotional and physical level. Your body will get rid of stress, tiredness and disease. Women who have different types of vaginal infections, problems with ovaries or uterus (including ovarian and cervical cancer) often find help from using sexual energy in these cases.

I know many people who say that they do not want to get involved in Tantra because they are afraid they are going to lose their mind. This means for them that they do not want to work from 9-17 anymore and might want to live their life in a completely different way. Funny that people are so brainwashed that normal to them is to slave their whole life for someone else and for money, so they can have a roof over their head, where they can't spend much time because the are wasting the best years of their life and their health working. And when they finally do not have to work anymore, they spend the money they earned to get back their health they wasted making this money. How is all that normal?????

I feel amazing when I can help people to start seeing sexuality differently and help solve problems that they thought would never disappear. Their whole life changes. Why is sexuality such a taboo? I already explained somethings and one of the reasons is that people who understand the true nature of sexuality will gain a very different understanding of life and become free in many ways. They do not want to work from 9-17, unless it is something they love, they will work for themselves and to help others, not to slave for someone else. They will not be slaved with bank loans and mortgages and taxes. They will go against rules and regulations of society, because most of them are stupid. The ones that do need following come from common sense. A person who has a good heart will never need these rules and regulations and the ones who are "off the road" do not care about them anyway.

Sex should not be something that men use to enslave or abuse women with. Or something that people use to have control over each other. Sex shouldn't be done drunk, half conscious with someone You know nothing about.

Sex is not just a  annoying physical need we have. It brings a man and woman together in a most beautiful way and creates a magnificent bond between them. And if they know what to do with this and how to use it, they can move mountains. Sex will create the energy of Love.

In tantra we say that You can not make love in a Tantric way and not to fall in love. When having an argument with our partner, the reason why make up sex is so good, is because it restores the bond between You. Ego creates the illusion of separation and every time we fight there is ego and no love. Ego wants us to believe that there is separation. Sex will give us back what is the truth, that we are one and ego disappears. You can have sex with ego also, but then You will never reach the true states of deep sexuality and You will never experience true love. As long as people are using their partners selfishly to satisfy their earthly needs, they will never experience anything different. Sexuality helps You to be more in Your heart and experience love in the true meaning of it.

I encourage You to do Your own research in the topic of sexuality and think  if the information that is out there, in the collective consciousness is really the "universal truth" and maybe there is more to be learned here.

Until You have not experienced this Yourself, it is very hard to understand fully what I am talking about.

Many years ago I read Diane Cooper's book "Discover Atlantis". She wrote that the habitants of Atlantis did not come to Earth in the physical body. At one point many of them chose the experience the physical body, because they wanted to experience sexuality. Did they really choose that to have 4-8 minute sex, so they can masturbate in to their partners, have a 3 second orgasm with ejaculation and then turn their back and fall asleep. And women would experience one clitoris orgasm and wouldn't want to have sex for the next month. Maybe this is something to think about.

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Jaya Shivani

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