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Meeting My Unicorn  - Fairytales Do Come True

I have always known that it is possible to be in a relationship where everyday feels like a complete bliss. Where the only thing You feel is love and harmony. There is no single moment of resentment or anger. Each time I look at my partner, I see, that the love I feel for him goes far beyond the physical and personal level. It is the love in the universal level. The only thing he does, is show me how much love I truly have inside of me. And the only thing he does, is just loving me with everything I have and without a single attempt to change me. I do the same for him. I told him in the beginning of our relationship: "You are my Unicorn. I have always known they exist, but I never knew that I would meet one".
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The Perfect Relationship

"Perfect Relationship" for me means two people who CHOOSE to stay together. Two people who are both responsible for their own happiness and know that the key ingredients of a successful relationship are: Love, Respect and Honesty.  
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The Power of Sexuality

What if I told You that sexuality is as necessary to our body and mind as drinking or eating. Without sex we would die and I mean that in every way. Our lives begin with sexuality and should be carried from our entire life.
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Female Sexuality

Female sexuality has always been a fascinating topic. Yet society puts so much guilt and shame on it. 
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